Slowing Down and Savoring the Moment: A 2021 Lesson

Yesterday I went one of my only runs of the year on the Hammond Trail, a path near the Pacific Ocean. Inhaling the fresh Northern California air, and exhaling a brief pant.

I exercise quite often, but mostly weightlifting and basketball. A majority of my exercise stems from quick sprints, instead of endurance. Well, long-distance running requires endurance.

On the walk back to my car I realized something. I tend to sprint in life, exhausting all my energy and burning myself out from time to time.

It made me think of the old story, “The Tortoise and the Hair.” Oftentimes I get so excited and sprint as hard as I can. Whether it be creating content, starting a business, or trying to adjust to a new city quickly.

Then, unfortunately, as a result of sprinting, I burn out quicker. Instead of doing less work in a day for more longevity, I have to take long breaks like my most recent one.

This is the first time I’ve taken time out of my day to write in public because I burned out.

Slowing Down

Do we ever ask ourselves why we are rushing when there really is no end destination?

Oftentimes athletes experience great depression once their pinnacle event of winning is over. Whether it’s the Olympics, NBA Finals, World Series, or any other championship game.

Why? They spend countless hours practicing their craft all to judge themselves on a moment. Instead of savoring the blood, sweat, and tears of pursuing excellence in their sport, they are solely focused on the outcome.

(Leadership Masterclass with Simon Sinek and Aubrey Marcus)

How in the World Do We Slow Down in Such a Fast World?

  1. Fully Engage in the Present Activity: Instead of spending time wondering how this activity will benefit the future you, just be present with the activity. Example: Instead of writing an article to become a famous author, write the article with love and to the best of your ability.
  2. Embrace the Unideal: How often do we spend time thinking, “I’d rather be doing this right now.” Example: You are bored out of your mind at your job, and you want to be on a beach in Hawaii. If this becomes a habit when we finally make our way to Hawaii our minds will start drifting back to the office. Sometimes we have to accept and embrace the unideal situation.
  3. Savor the Moment: Eat slowly, don’t overschedule yourself so every time slot of your day is filled. If possible, make time in your day or at least once a week to have no plans.

What other tips do you have for slowing down and savoring the moment?



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