Shifting Your Mindset From Have To → Get To

How often do you wake up and dread the day ahead of you?

Your answer may vary dependent on the time of year, your profession, or numerous other factors. Towards the end of last year, I was treating all my daily tasks as chores that “I have to do.”

Now, I’m basking in the opportunities in front of me.

Have To Vs. Get To

Telling yourself you have to do something like work, do the dishes, or pay taxes drums up the feeling of dread. Of course, there will always be activities that suck, point-blank. But, we also participate in many other activities to shift our mindset to “get to.”

Gratitude is the foundation of the “I get to” mindset. For example, when I was subbing last year, it felt like a job I had to go to. But this year, I recognize it as a fantastic opportunity to connect with students and teachers from all over Los Angeles.

Simple Shifts We Can Make

I have to tweet at least once today → I’m lucky to have the opportunity to tweet once a day.

I have to clean the dishes today → I’m grateful to have food on my plate & dishes to wash.

I have to work out today → I’m grateful for a functioning body to keep me active.

I have to read today → I get an opportunity to dive into a story and or learn more about the world.

I have to work today → I get to go to work, contribute, and impact the world today.

Pick and Choose What Serves You

Maybe none of the above shifts apply to you. The key is to use your intuition and reflection abilities to discover the opportunities right in front of you.

By recognizing all the opportunities in front of me, my productivity, relationships, and overall well-being skyrocketed.

What simple shift will you be making?



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Coach Furtado

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