Rest & Play Our Way to Becoming More Effective Leaders

Coach Furtado
2 min readMar 16, 2022

Our society glamorizes the wake-up schedule at 5 AM, work until dinner, then do some more work! It’s the only formula for getting to the top. Wrong.

Resting, relaxing, and participating in hobbies outside of work aren’t only beneficial for our well-being. It makes us better leaders (

If we want to continue magnifying our impact on the world through our leadership, we must include rest and play in our routines .

Rest & Relaxation

Raise your hand if you have ever sacrificed sleep, leisure time, or diet to finish up a work item? I’m sure all of our hands will stand straight up.

Last weekend I spent time in Idylwild, a beautiful mountain town located a few hours east of Los Angeles. I was in complete rest & relaxation mode. For me, spending time in the great outdoors away from all the noise of everyday life rejuvenates my spirit.

Finding unique ways to rest and relax is a primary key in playing the long game of life. It’s more effective to take breaks and rest along the journey than go hard until you burn out.

What activities help you truly relax, and how often do you participate in them?

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Hobbies & Play

Finding activities we can engage in with our full attention allows us to improve outside of work. We can get so caught up in becoming more effective leaders that we often forget to practice activities outside of our job.

Playing a sport like a basketball, going on bike rides, painting, and cooking all allow us to work on our craft that doesn’t affect our paycheck. It’s simply just for fun.

When we start participating in activities we love and enjoy, it fills our soul. Like this last weekend, I was reading in the woods, soaking up the sounds of nature.

Finding hobbies that bring you peace and joy are fundamental to your well-being.

What hobbies do you participate in, and how much time are you allotting to them?

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Become a Better Leader

We all want to become the best versions of ourselves to uplift the people we serve and connect with. If we continue striving forward, we have to make time for rest and play.

Like any routine, rest and play have to become a part of your routine.



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