Pursuing Our Personal Legends: Inspired by The Alchemist

Coach Furtado
2 min readNov 29, 2021


*Spoiler alert: The writings below may indicate potential themes and events in The Alchemist by Paul Choelo.

The Alchemist is an incredibly well-written adventure story on pursuing our personal legends. What is a personal legend? Well, in today's world, it may look like purpose or destiny.

I look at it through the lens of how we can create and make an impact.

Finding Our Personal Legends in the Digital Age

There is plenty of content out there claiming you can find and discover your personal legend in a day. In the fast and convenient digital age, we give up on our personal legends if we don't see progress quickly.

Well, outside of being practical and practicing patience, we may want to look at it differently. Maybe we are chasing other's personal legends. Now, we have access to the highlight reels of millions, even billions of humans.

Never before has it been noisier to find and pursue how we want to impact the world.

Our Personal Legends Need to Be in Alignment With Us

We are all unique human beings with different strengths, passions, and stories. As a result, we all have our own personal legends to discover and pursue.

But we will never be able to hop on social media and discover our personal legends. We must do the work ourselves by continually reflecting on what brings us the most joy and aligning it with how we can create the most significant possible impact.

I am still in pursuit of my personal legend because that's what it is a pursuit. Our personal legends will most likely look different in each chapter of our life. But for me, I know now I want to continue inspiring people via content on how to be more impactful leaders and coach to develop youth into impactful young leaders.

What is the personal legend you are pursuing?



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