Cultivating Our Being

Coach Furtado
2 min readOct 11, 2021

Being is the most powerful productivity hack of them all.

Now, many of you reading this will “think about being.” You can’t think your way to being. It’s impossible. I know this because I’ve been thinking instead of being for my entire life. All of us have. We constantly live in our heads.

Of course, I’ve moments of being like when playing sports or other activities I thoroughly enjoy.

Why Being is the Ultimate Productivity Hack

Being gets us out of our heads. Is this piece of work good enough? How many likes will this get? What will this person think of my work?

Those questions will inevitability arise in your mind. Remember, those are thoughts, not truth. Your truth is true to you, which is the present moment in front of you. All of those thoughts in your head are stories your thinking brain continues to tell yourself.

Being is more than a productivity tool. It’s the only way to be fully present in our lives.

How Does One Cultivate Being?

1. Disidenifying With Your Mind: The mind is mighty, and gives us non-stop information throughout the day. But, the voice incessantly thinking isn’t you.

2. Surrender: So much of our unhappiness comes from, “oh, I should be somewhere else right now.” Whether it be in your career or geographically, be where your feet are.

3. Patience: You will not be able to disidentify from the mind overnight. After two years of practice, I am now starting to be more often.

4. Let it Go: We have grand aspirations, but we want to arrive immediately. Dreaming and having a vision are encouraged. But let go of any preconceived idea of where you should be right now.

5. Be: Don’t be so serious, be yourself.

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