Creating the Podcast: Bridging Impact

Photo by Huma Kabakci on Unsplash

Who is Bridging Impact For?

Bridging Impact isn’t for everyone. The podcast is for new professionals with aspirations of being impact-driven leaders who focus on human development.

Why Bridging Impact?

Again, there are millions of podcasts out there, but none focus on bridging leaders with years of experience to the up-and-coming leaders. It’s an opportunity for cross-generational leadership connection.

Our Leadership Philosophy

We believe all humans, regardless of positional status or job titles, can be leaders. Most importantly, leadership is a set of behaviors and actions focusing on serving humanity.

Who Will the Guests Be?

The podcast guests will be coaches, teachers, and leaders of teams and groups. Many people call themselves coach or leader who doesn’t work directly with groups.

When Will the Podcast Launch?

We are intentionally curating an impressive guest list and ensuring the podcast will be of the highest quality for you.

Get in Touch

Contact Justin via Twitter or email if you want to learn more about the podcast or even potentially be a guest.



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Coach Furtado

Coach Furtado

Writing about leadership, teamwork, and human development through the lens of sports.