Building a Successful Basketball Camp & Training Business w/Isaac Gildea

Issac & his kid with a basketball

The Story of How He Became the Director of Humboldt Wild

Gildea was working camps under the great Geno Cotter, who passed away a few years ago at Basketball Jones camps (my FAVORITE summer camps growing up).

It Always Starts Small

While Gildea was running Humboldt Wild summer camps & AAU, he also began his private training business with two athletes.

The Business Side of Building it All

We all know we can’t magically follow our passions and build a successful business. If that were possible, everyone would do it.

Tournament Champs in Redding, CA (Isaac on right, me on left)

Final Thoughts

Interviewing Isaac was a full-circle moment for me as well. When I was a sophomore, I had the opportunity to play on his JV basketball team. We had a fantastic group that year, and I have no many more memories as my coach at the Basketball Jones camps.



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Coach Furtado

Writing about leadership, teamwork, and human development through the lens of sports.